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Silent Cinema Geometric Quilt


This week I have been making One Flew Over’s Geometric quilt. It’s a modern take using log cabin blocks and was wonderfully easy and loads of fun. I am making it as a baby quilt that’s for a gift.

I used Jenean Morrison’s Silent Cinema in the Morning Palette. I have never used fabric from only one range to make a quilt before, but I loved this range so much that I couldn’t choose just a few of the prints. I had a deadline and didn’t trust that I wouldn’t end up spending too much time on the design side and not enough time on the getting on with it side.

I particularly loved this print and it was perfect as backing for the quilt.

The Geometric pattern suggests using organic line quilting using this tutorial so I tried it for the first time. It was an absolute revelation!! If you haven’t tried it yet you must give it a go! I’ve machine quilted about 3 or 4 quilts myself now with mixed results. I took a 2 day beginners class with Deborah Louis a few years ago to get my head around the basics. I have had success with a free form sunflower pattern in thread where the colour blended into the busy quilt top and am happy with my straight line cross hatch. Where I am not so happy is with the free form I have tried where the thread colour stands out. It’s not a complete disaster by any means but when you think of the cost and the time I have put into the quilt top I don’t want the finished product to feel mediocre. The organic line quilting is so quick and for me translates to “haphazard that doesn’t require too much skill and looks great”. Plus it comes together soooo quickly.

This is a fun and easy quilt to make and the cutting, piecing and organic quilting all would be perfect for a beginner…and hopefully perfect for the baby…

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