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Val’s quilt


I made this quilt for my lovely mother in law Val. Well, it was actually for both my mother and father in law; but we all know that it’s her I’m hoping to score the points with!

I actually made it back in 2008 and took it over to the UK where they live when we visited that Christmas. I hope you don’t mind me posting an older project but like many of you this blog is my online journal of things I’ve done and I’d like to have a record of it here.

The pattern is Fanciful Flowers from the book Material Obsession (book 1). The Material Obsession books 1 and 2 are by Sarah Fielke and Kathy Doughty and along with Sarah’s gorgeous new book Quilting From Little Things they are 3 of the most inspiring books you could own. I have done 3 quilts in a row from these books and am struggling to move on!

The fabrics were all from Amitie in Melbourne. The quilt top is all machine pieced other than the big flowers which were done using needle turn applique. The finished quilt is about 66″ square. I hand quilted it using perle thread. The pieced blocks are simply cross hatched. The applique blocks have this gorgeous swirly quilting which was on the original design in the book – I really love how it fills the space in those blocks.

If you’re interested you can find some more pictures of it on my flickr page.

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