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A Baltimore wedding

Well I am back from hol’s but still haven’t made it back to the sewing machine. This weekend a good friend is visiting from the UK so I am enjoying a girls day out.

This week’s “quilt from the past” is a Baltimore I made as a wedding gift for a great friend. I started classes for it after they announced their engagement, a year before they got married. I finally finished and gave it to them just after their fourth wedding anniversary! My excuse is that I wasn’t working on it that whole time!

The first Baltimore block I tried in class was a wreath of flowers and I tried to cram in a whole range of different colours for the different flowers. Well, it looked like a dog’s breakfast and was awful! So after that I decided to stick to traditional red, green and bits of cheddar (I love cheddar as the name of a colour).

I hand quilted all of the centre sections and machine quilted the outer border as well as the red border with a traditional weight quilt thread (this was to save time and ensure another year didn’t pass without it actually being gifted!). Each of the white blocks in the centre section have a quilted pattern, whereas the applique blocks have cross hatch quilting.

This quilt has been well loved and I really enjoy the way my friends are not precious about it and use it day to day in the winter to keep warm. These friends have a baby on the way now and while there won’t be a mini Baltimore there will certainly be more quilts for this family!

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