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A lovely trip down memory lane

Are you a fan of Liz’s Broderie blog like I am?

A couple of weeks ago I went to Liz’s for dinner and to catch up as we haven’t seen each other in absolute ages! I’m sure I won’t have know the lovely Liz longer than a lot of you, but I realised it’s been over 15 years since I first wandered into her stitching and embroidery shop in Melbourne and I have been encouraged and inspired by her ever since (even if she did usually see me crossing the road and put the closed sign up!).

Lizzy cooked us a delicious chicken pie and fruit crumble – I will be inviting myself back around there very soon I can tell you! Her house is chock a block full of stitching and quilty goodness – my eyes spent the entire evening gazing around the room constantly finding another gorgeous cushion or quilt to admire.

This weekend I have been going around the house and through my cupboards to dig out my past stitching projects to photograph for the mosaic above. A lot of them are not out on display, many things are not even framed I’m ashamed to say. I do love looking at them again though. Many items I stitched went to family or friends as gifts as well so these pictures here are just a small sample. I have tried to put them in order of when they were completed – the little crosstitch house in the top left was 1996 and was my first ever class with Liz. I think the crewel work in the bottom right is one of my most favourite pieces ever.

I haven’t done a lot of stitching in the past 5 years or so – I’ve been too in love with quilting, but there are still some UFOs in my cupboard that will come out again one day… Thank you my dear friend Liz for being such an inspiration and gorgeous friend to us all!

If you haven’t already take a visit with Liz here.

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