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Swoon { part 4 }


You may recall from my last Swoon post I was trying out a red and aqua theme and it just wasn’t working. I really loved all the feedback I got and decided to ditch the red and aqua and make a multi coloured Swoon. At the bottom of the post is a layout that I’m toying with so if you’d like to give more feedback but don’t want to see the individual blocks please scroll down 🙂

I was going to sit on it for a while and mull over fabric choices, but because the Swoon-a-long is on with over 650 members, how could I resist??

So I pulled more fabrics and this time I made five blocks at once!! I do love an assembly line for Swoon, but I have to admit it did take me two weekends to get these guys done.

So here are the newbies:Fabrics are Amy Butler Soul Blossoms and Happy Mochi Yum YumFabrics are Sweetwater and Happy Mochi Yum YumFabrics are Denyse Schmidt from SpotlightFabrics are Sarah Fielke From Little Thing.Fabrics are Amy Butler Soul Blossoms and Sarah Fielke From Little Things.So I now have 11 blocks and I only need 9! I think I will take out one of the plainer aqua ones and make a baby quilt with it. Here is the layout I’m considering – what do you think???

And here are all 11 blocks for you to see if you think I should change what gets kept!that’s me at the other end perusing the blocks (although you can’t see the glass of wine in my hand which is required for such tasks!)I would love your feedback!You can find all my Swoon posts here. And the flickr Swoon-a-long group here.

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